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Intel 525 and 335 SSD Series will be released this year

Two new SSD lines from Intel are expected, the 335 and 535 Series. These solutions will arise as the evolution of  the current 330 and 520 Series.

There is not yet an official communication from Intel on these new flash drives. According to Fudzilla, we must expect the 335 Series units to operate with a a SandForce SF-2281, the current model of the 330 Series, and 20nm MLC memory chips . The launch will take place in several stages with the first arrival of a 240 GB version this year, joined in 2013 by the 80 and 180GB versions.

For their part, the 535 Series will support the SATA 6 Gbs based on a SandForce SF-2281 with new firmware. Different capacities are obtained by the 25nn NAND Flash MLC memory chips. It is expected to offer several models of 30, 120, 240 and 360 GB. Intel is also working on versions mSATA format.

For the moment no price is yet known. Hopefully they will be more competitive than those currently practiced.

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