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Intel 510 Series SATA3 SSD Coming in March

The folks over at VR-Zone seem to have it on good authority that Intel is planning to launch its new 510 series SSD on the first of next month. Codenamed Elm Crest, Intel is going all out with its first 6GB/s SATA3 SSD, which is being targeted at the high-end crowd. It will come in two capacities at launch, 120GB and 250GB, both in a 2.5-inch, 9mm form factor.

Intel’s rating the 510 series at up to 470MB/s read and up to 315MB/s write speeds, though it’s unclear if those numbers apply to both drives. Same family SSDs have been known to offer up different performance levels depending on the capacity.

The 510 series also boasts up to 20,000 4K random reads and up to 5,000 4K random writes, and is compatible with Intel’s 6-series chipset. Look for the 120GB version to sell for around $280 and the 250GB for around $580, VR-Zone says.


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