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Ikea will sell Uppleva: TV & Furniture

Ikea has been diversifying its business for a long time, we all remember their first home appliances. It seems that the time has come to the TV, and for its launch, they have chosen to attach it to a cabinet, as not being Ikea.

The product is called Uppleva and basically is an TV integrated in a cabinet, thus avoiding annoying wires. Not that they have revolutionized the concept, but they solve the cables problem as those who have an HTPC also know. Moreover, the cabinet, features a DVD/Blu-ray and Sound System 2.1, with a corresponding subwoofer, which can be placed anywhere (but will have to plug in somewhere).

Inside the cabinet there is a hole to place our own devices: consoles, HTPC…

We leave you with a video where you can see the concept more clearly.

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