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Ikea shows more details of its Uppleva TV

Furniture and technology combined. That’s what Ikea tries to do since it started selling appliances. Many people were caught by surprise with the launch of Ikea Uppleva in April, but until then, only technical features were revealed. This time, we have a video showing the product in action.

Perhaps one of the strengths of the Ikea Uppleva is that it is a TV built into a mobile, you just have to put in the room of your home, plug into the socket and enjoy your favorite program. While with any other TV you use the remote control, connect all cables and external players, in Ikea, everything is integrated into a custom module, you can forget all that. Its use is fully integrated and, by extension, more practical and intuitive.

In the video below, you can see the TV’s interface, and with a single remote you can easily control all devices.

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