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ICY BOX IB-MP3012DVB-T Media Streamer Review

Important note: the HD TV tuner in this media centre is a DVB-T tuner rather    than  a DVB-T2 tuner. This means it cannot pick up HD Freeview channels  in  the UK. It should, however, have no problem picking up HD  channels   in  other countries or SD channels in the UK.

The casing is small and in metallic black and grey. There’s a fan to make sure temperatures don’t get too high but it’s very noisy when running. During film playback, this isn’t too much of problem as the soundtrack generally covers the sound of the fan but if you’re recording something overnight in your bedroom, you’ll need some strong sleeping pills!

Neither particularly nice to look at nor all that well designed, the remote does nevertheless have a few backlit buttons, notably those for the digital tuner recording features and navigation through menus.


Multimedia compatability

Digital TV tuner

Partially backlit remote



Interface has no soul, the same as most products in this segment

Digital HD tuner only records the channel you’re watching

No added value compared to the competition

No antenna out



A media streamer that does what you ask of it but which doesn’t stand out from the competition. Icy Box haven’t done anything that would add value to it, such as giving it an online programme guide or the sort of interface we feel it’s not too much to ask for now we’re in 2011.


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