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ICY BOX IB-MP3011HW-B Media Player Review

The sleek, aluminium-clad Icy Box IB-MP3011HW-B can be picked up for under £120. We put it through its paces in a series of tests to find out whether this ice-cool media centre has anything more to offer than the host of entry-level media centres already on the market.

Great finish, but not so practical

While the aluminium casing is very good quality, the overall design isn’t particularly practical. To insert a hard drive (3.5-inch models only), you basically have to take the media centre apart. The problem then is that it’s not exactly easy to put back together again, and you have to kind of force the drive into place.


Decent compatibility

SDHC card reader



Dull, soulless interface: the same as in most entry-level media centres

Inserting an HDD isn’t particularly practical

Networking: slow file transfer and glitches



The Icy Box IB-MP3011HW-B is just another media centre. It doesn’t stand out in any way and has no original features to set it apart from the competition. It plays multimedia files … full stop.


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