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IBase SI-18 Micro PC player with AMD Fusion APU

IBASE technology has introduced a “super” signage player that is powered by the G-Series Fusion APU (by AMD) and has excellent HD6310 graphics. The exact model of the device is SI-18. According to IBASE up till now, it is the world’s smallest x86 digital signage player.

Now, this recently launched product is just amazing. The dimensions are 4.9 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches and the case is completely made from metal giving it a high-quality look and feel. The Hybrid-DVI connector (supporting DVI, HDMI and VGA interfaces) gives it “universal display compatibility”. A G-Series y56N processor, 2GB (DDR3) memory, WiFi and Bluetooth support (optional) and 160GB of hard drive storage makes the device great choice for your mini HTPC Media Center player. The efficient power system has a maximum consumption of 25 Watts only.

SI-18 has 2 CPU, 80 GPU cores on a single silicon chip and is also compatible with DirectX 11, Direct Compute 11, Open GL 4.0 and Open CL 1.2. The UVD3 hardware decoder can play full HD video in various formats like MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, VC-1 and H.264 without using CPU or GPU! Overall, due to all these amazing qualities and “super small pc” size is considered to be among the top digital signage players ever made.

We would love to get this little baby into our hands to make a full performance tests but like for now we need to believe the specification given by the producer (that looks really amazing!). You may read the full specification on the product page.

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