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I-O Data External BluRay and DVD Burner With DTCP-IP Support

I-O Data has announced the availability of the BRD-U8DM external Blu-ray drive and DVR-U24DM external DVD burner, which support DTCP-IP.

The DTCP-IP is a specification for copy protection of copyrighted content that is transferred over digital interfaces in home networks that adhere to IP.

Under this specification, digital content can be shared securely between devices in a user’s home but not shared with third-parties outside the home network.

Once connected to your PC and once you install the I-O Data “DTCP-IP Disc Recorder” software, you will have the capability from your connected TV (if your TV is supported of course) to be able to back-up all your shows directly onto a BD Disc or DVD without having to even touch your PC.

The I-O Data BRD-U8DM external Blu-ray drive and DVR-U24DM external DVD burner will be available in June 2011 for 23,000 Yen ($281) and 12,000 Yen ($146), respectively.


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