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Huge but fanless GeForce GTX 680 by Colorful

Our colleagues from Expreview report that the Chinese Colorful would work on a concept of passive GeForce GTX 680. Todissipate the 195 watt TDP of the GPU, the resources used are substantial, if not excessive.

Indeed, in more than one block of fins crossed by 7 heat pipes taking up the entire length of the PCB, there is a second block of fins of the same size, also traversed by 7 heat pipes.  The two blocks separated themselves by six heatpipes of 8mm in diameter.

Colorful does not yet announced the frequencies for the GTX 680, or even if this card will exceed the prototype stage. Because, if such a use of the heatpipe can effectively remove the heat generated by the GPU, it will remain relatively concentrated in this part of the case, which must be ventilated accordingly…

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