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HTPC Media Server Build Windows 7 MCE

I dicided to build a rackmount server in my loft as a ‘home entertainment system’. I wanted to have all my media in one place whilst also being able to watch and record live tv.

The advantage of this setup is that with loads of satellite and freeview feeds I can record whatever I want with no ‘tune conflict’ issues and can watch live tv, setup recordings, listen to music, watch tv series and watch movies where I want.

I also wanted to build something that would pay for itself by not needing to have Sky TV with multiroom etc.

Showing the front end of a Windows 7 Media Centre based server which im building in my loft. This is where all live satellite TV, terrestrial TV, Recorded TV, TV Shows, Films & Music is accessed.

The idea behind this being (when its built) that anyone in the lounge or bedroom can access all media through the home network. They can also start a TV recording in one room and then continue watching it in another room…and so on. All live and stored media is shared and can be accessed easily.

by neild123456


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