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HP Wireless Audio: Wireless Sound Throughout the House from a PC

HP has unveiled the HP Wireless Audio, a new wireless audio system to distribute music files stored on your computer to four-compatible speakers, without the hassle of cables. A great accessory, but still has some limitations.

An USB dongle to bring all together, and a wireless to link them: this is what offers the HP Wireless Audio, a system introduced today by the US brand. In addition to a device of the size of a USB key, this set also has a box that allows to connect a RCA jack 3.5 mm, TOSLINK or S/PIDF optical speakers or headphones, it is possible to use in any room of a home for music content on the computer, all without wiring.

If this ambitious accessory has obvious qualities – range of 30 meters, can connect up to four sound devices, use of three different frequencies (2.4, 5.2 and 5.8 GHz) to avoid the latency of interference , support for 5.1 audio – it is not unlimited, since the speakers and headphones connected outside of the provided box must be compatible with the standard KleerNet to work, putting offside some too old wireless devices.

The wireless fans may still enjoy the benefits of the HP Wireless Audio starting in December, as the HP device will begin shipping next month at a price of 99 dollars. Note also that the new laptops range Envy, recently unveiled by HP, integrate this technology as standard.

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