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How to set up XBMC on your HTPC

So you’ve built your new HTPC, what’s next? Install XBMC!

ach one of us love watching content on a large screen. HDTVs are becoming popular and they are getting more and more affordable as well. DTH services are being produced with HD channels but there still isn’t enough really good quality content. Playing videos on demand isn’t possible either. An HTPC is a great source for audio and video content and you can do so many other things with it. There are plenty of software designed to be used on a HTPC software. One of the older and popular media centre software out there is XBMC. The software was recently updated to version 10.1 as well. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try. It’s available for free for OS X, Linux, Windows and Apple TV.


Automating XBMC startup

If you use a HTPC that is dedicated for media playback, you should setup XBMC to startup on bootup. The easiest way to do this on Windows is to add a shortcut of XBMC in the Windows Startup folder. Browse through the Start menu in Windows, right-click and select Explore to access it. It works particularly well when you only have a single user account with no password set. This way, XBMC can boot up directly into its interface without you having to manually start up the program each time.


Adding media sources

XBMC can access videos and audio from multiple sources – everything from external hard drives to Blu-ray drives to network shares. Click on Video or Audio, then click on Add Source. Click on Browse, choose the paths and add the videos and other media content to the library. XBMC will then scan all of the media and download cover art if any.

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