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HomeOS: the Microsoft Windows for home automation

Microsoft recently released a white paper entitled “An Operating System for the Home“, which presents its new operating system for home automation and home networks, HomeOS.

The idea is to provide an operating system similar to those of a PC, but faced to home technology. The various elements of the home (TVs, surveillance camera, garage door, etc..) are presented as HomeOS devices and can interact with each other through the operating system and are controlled using applications.

It is not known if HomeOS uses a Windows kernel, but we know that its applications depend on C # and. Net Framework 4.0. HomeOS finally needs a dedicated computer that acts as a server.

Microsoft is currently testing its system in 12 homes for 4 to 8 months and 42 students have already started writing applications. The publisher has also established a HomeStore to centralize HomeOS applications compatible.

As Mary Jo Foley points out, it is not certain that Microsoft sells HomeOS one day, but the project continued to grow from its beginning in 2010.

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