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Hitachi 5K3000 2TB 3.5″ Green Drive Review

Hitachi’s 7K2000 drives were a favorite among users with large small business and home storage systems because the drives worked well with many RAID cards. A few drawbacks of those drives were that they were not the fastest 7,200rpm drives around, they were not the coolest running, nor the quietest. With its 3TB lineup, Hitachi introduced not just the 7,200rpm successor to the 7K2000 series, the 7K3000 series, but also a “green” drive alternative, the 5K3000 series. Retail availability is still not the best as the drives are just becoming available at major retailers and etailers.


Overall the Hitachi 5K3000 seems to be a fairly solid drive. I purchased a few of these drives to run longer term, but the inital results have not shown any issues with the LSI or Areca controllers I have used the drives with. For home server applications, assuming these drives do not show signs of defects (e.g. the Seagate 7200.11 initial firmware fiasco) and do not drop out of RAID arrays, this may be a very solid drive replacing the Hitachi 7K2000 series in many storage applications due to the cooler, quieter, and lower power operation.

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