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HIS Launches Radeon HD 6670 iSilence 4 With Passive Cooling

While competition is patiently waiting for a new GPU, HIS continues to fill the field by announcing a new graphics card. It must be said that they had splited the Radeon HD 6670 in three models! The model of the day, called “iSilence 4” appears, as the name suggests, with the peculiarity to present a passive cooling and therefore inaudible.

The new “HIS 6670 iSilence 4” had actually adopted the third-party Zalman VNF100, marketed to the general public, which transmits the heat from the GPU to a heatsink placed at the back of the card, using three copper heatpipes. The heatsink fins made ​​of aluminum 0.4 mm to limit the weight, will be positioned above the VGA card optimizing cooling efficiency and allows compatibility with SLI and CrossFire setups.

The Radeon HD 6670 GPU has the specifications of the reference model, with 480 processing units clocked at 800 MHz. Unfortunately the manufacturer has chosen the option DDR3 and not GDDR5, with 1 GB of memory running at 1600 MHz 128-bit.

Note that the “iSilence 4” holds the equivalent of two PCI-Express x16, This could make it incompatible with some motherboards that don’t leave enough room between the processor socket and the PCI Express x16 slot, especially when large CPU coolers are installed.

The “HIS 6670 iSilence 4” is now marketed in the U.S. for 95 dollars.

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