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HIS intros PCIe x1 HD 5450

HIS has introduced a rather interested PCIe x1 card based on AMD’s Cedar PRO core.

To the best of our knowledge, which really isn’t saying much, the H545H1GD1 is the first and only PCIe x1 board to feature DirectX 11 support. While some might rightfully argue that DX11 support isn’t crucial on a product aimed at the ITX market, it’s still a comforting fact.


Aside from DX11 support, the new HD 5450 has a few other things going for it. It’s tiny and passively cooled, making it an excellent choice for HTPCs and other SFF rigs based on ITX motherboards. It also packs HDMI, VGA and DVI outputs. The board is reference clocked, 650MHz for the core and 1000MHz for the memory. It features 1GB of DDR3, which is plenty all things considered.

We’re not sure about the price, but off the top of our heads, the H545H1GD1 should cost about €50.

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