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HIS HD5450 Silence PCIe 1x VideoCard Review

Most modern computers nowadays have at least one PCI-Express x16 slot, for a dedicated graphics card. But what about older computers or cheap OEM systems, which only have a PCI-E x1 slot? Up until now, the only way to upgrade the built-in graphics was to buy a new system, or at least a new motherboard (for much older computers, this often involves buying a new processor, and possibly new memory).

The HIS HD5450 Silence from HIS is a card that can help, as it is an HD5450 card using just a PCI-E x1 connector. With features like DX11, Eyefinity, and the ability to offload the CPU when decoding HD video, it should help breathe a bit more life into an old system.


The GPU on this card is a Radeon HD5450 GPU, clocked at 650 MHz. The card also has 1 GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 1000 MHz. The memory interface used is 64-bit, so we do not expect gaming performance from this card.

Since this is an HD5450 GPU, it has all the features we would expect, including:

  • DirectnX11-support
  • Ability to output 1080p
  • 7.1 audio
  • Eyefinity support
  • OpenCL and OpenGL 3.2
  • UVD 2

We noticed that the card does not have a fan, and comes with HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort connectors.

When we put the GPU-features together with the hardware features it is easy to see why this card would be a perfect fit for a small HTPC, especially since it also comes with low-profile brackets.

One tempting application for this card is to upgrade a work computer or older home computer to support 3 monitors. Unfortunately, we still are limited by the fact that one of these monitors would need a DisplayPort connector, which is still fairly rare.

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