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HFX Zonee: multizone network audioplayer

HFX continues its introduction into the field of audio, after the RipAMP amplifier, now the HFX Zonee is unveiled. The Zonee is a multi-zone network drive, designed for a complementary use with a DAC or an amp. The particularity here is the ability to control each zone independently of each other from an IOS or Android device.

The HFX Zonee multizone  network drive according to the manufacturer ensures support of all audio codecs, including compatibility with MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, with sample rates up from 44kHz/16bits at 192kHz/32bits. Performing a resampling on the fly to one or more DAC, the Zonee can handle up to 4 DAC USB  (like ASUS Xonar, Creative X-Fi, HFX RipAMP, M2TECH Hiface, Calyx DAC, CEntrance DACmini, HRT Music Streamer Pro, Wadia,and many more), one for each listening zone. The listening areas can be configured and renamed directly from a web interface.

The connectivity on the other hand offers four USB 2.0 ports (192/32), an analog stereo mini jack, an S/PDIF Coaxial (192/32) and an Ethernet port.

The product has 2 years manufacturer warrenty, no moving parts inside for long life and low power consumption with only 7W max.

At present, no information on price or availability date.

BubbleUPnP, UPnPlay,… (Android)

Songbook, Kinsky,… (iPad, iPhone)

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