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HFX Micro M2 Silent Fanless HTPC

The HFX® Micro M2 changes the face of traditional Media Centres. As the name suggests – it is micro – so small you can easily hold it in one hand. On top of that it is completely silent – this is due to it’s heatpipe cooling with a very cleverly desigend heat sink that actually is part of the sides of the case. And to top it off – you can leave this switched on all the time without the worry of a huge electric bill – as it only uses under 50w of power!

Included is a remote control for easy navigation of Microsoft’s MediaCenter software. Also included is a DVD player that is hidden behind the acrylic front and you would only know it is there when you eject the CD! Also on the front are audio connections and a front USB port.

With a volume of only 4.7 litres and a ground area of 24x23cm you don’t have to worry about where you are going to put this… as this will fit in most places due to its small size.

The HFX Micro M2 is also loaded with spec, with the likes of Bluetooth and Wifi included on board, as well as a front SD card reader for easy transfer of your images / data.

You can also choose to add a TV card (internal) so you can watch / record TV on two channels at once.

And with very elegant looks, a true modern design – this media center is your perfect addition to the living room.

Imagine no noise – low power – great looks – this is what you get when you buy a Micro M2.

The media centre is carefully assembled by our engineers and then tested. Please note that due time needed to install the heat pipes and test the order can take from 3-10 working days maximum for delivery.



Low profile desktop height fits in any environment
SD card reader on Front-mounted port
SSD hard drive to allow silent operation and maximum speed
2gb DDR3 RAM (upgradeable to 4gb)
Wifi & Bluetooth
Remote Control with IR receiver for compatibility with Windows 7 MCE
Silent PSU (external – laptop style PSU)
Intel Dual Core 330 CPU
Nvidia 9400GT graphics
Completely silent – no noise at all..



HFX Micro M2
Intel 330
2GB DDR3 1066
Hard Drive:
64GB (external hard drive can be added via USB for storing your media or optional storage box)
Nvidia   GeForce 9400M
TV Card:
Dual TV card (DVB-T) (optional)
DVD R/W (included)
Windows 7 Premium with MediaCenter (optional)
Holds up to one hard drive
23cm(W) X 8.5cm(H) X 24cm(D)


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