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Haier presents a 55-inch 3D TV, with no need for cables

It is not the first time that Haier wants to revolutionize the TV market: In 2011, during IFA, they had a device that, as this one, was completely wireless. At the time, they spoke about a prototype of just 32 inches, but this time the manufacturer submits a new wireless 3D model, with no less than 55 inches.

The remarkable thing about this new model is that the video signal transmission occurs by default WiDi, and its energy is also fed wirelessly through a electrical induction system. It’s body is simple, and the system power inductor is below or behind the TV. The result is simply spectacular, and as you can see by the photo, the testing equipment was working perfectly without the aid of wires. A detail: the base load and the TV can not stay away for more than 30 cm, so that energy can be transmitted without any problems.

For now, the model is another prototype, and still needs to improve its efficiency in power transmission. During testing, the transmission was lost for a few moments, but the concept is promising. We hope the time when we can buy one of these.

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