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Guide: Stream videos or music to a PC via AirPlay

If you have an iPhone or an iPad or an iSomething, you can use the AirPlay feature to stream videos or music on certain devices that support this protocol as a stereo amp, your TV or your media center.

But did you know it was also possible to stream the same content to a Windows PC?

So, how? Well it’s simple, but it is done in 2 steps…

If you want to receive an audio stream from an iTunes or iPhone, etc.., You will need to download the Shairport4W free software. Once launched (it is portable), you will see that your computer will appear as an AirPlay compatible device in iTunes. More info at,

Now, if you want to stream a video from an iPhone or from iTunes, you’ll need another app. More precisely, the Windows version of XBMC Eden that supports Airplay.

Finally, if you’re on Linux, there is a tutorial here.

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