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Guide: Optimize Windows 7 Media Center for HTPC use

This tutorial shows you how to configure and optimize your Windows 7 Media Center for HTPC use.

It will ensure that boot times are minimal and that response times are the best possible for the hardware aswell as ensuring that the PC boots directly to WMC. If you have a Media Center running Windows 7 this guide should help you get the most from it making it the most couch friendly WMC around.

by MPJHorner

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  1. Sean says:

    You are giving mis-leading information with regards to MB and CoverArt …firstly, ‘automatic’ download of metadata+covers+backdrops is 100% Free in MediaBrowser (no plugins required) …the use of CoverArt ($10) gives you the ability to customize what the actual ‘folder.jpg’ (Movie Poster) looks like, it essentially gives it a custom border and/or a 3D look. All purely optional.
    MediaBrowser by default will fetch all posters+backdrops,etc from TMDB and TVDB for FREE.
    Also you seem to be having issues with Vanilla displaying backdrops in certain views. Very inconsistant and makes your demo video look like a sub-par user experience.
    Do your homework next time.

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