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Grippity Back-Typing Keyboard Finally Emerges For Pre-Order

On the list of things that lots of people figured they’d never actually see in their lifetimes, right alongside the frantically scratched out lines holding “Duke Nukem Forever”, plenty of people had written in “The Grippity”. But now, the wait is…well…mostly over, as they’re taking pre-orders for shipment. In February 2011.

grippity 1


The Grippity is a strange sort of back-typing keyboard; you’ve seen these before; we just talked about the Alpha UI about six weeks ago. But the Grippity is sort of a rare beast in that people have been talking about it for the last two years, and it would have kicked off a third had we not heard this newest announcement.

And interestingly enough, it’s gone from “what was a Grippity again?” to “come and get it; we’re taking pre-orders!” Like most back-typing keyboards, the keys for the Grippity are located behind it, though you can see clearly what keys are on the front for ease of use. And, even better, it’s also packing a trackball for added value as an integrated all in one mouse and keyboard combo.

The Grippity is set to go for $60 a unit, and is slated to make delivery this February on those pre-orders taken now.

Some reports suggest that the Grippity is now billing itself as “the ideal media center controller”, which actually makes some sense that they would wait so long. See, home theater PCs haven’t exactly been big for very long. You were starting to hear about them maybe two years or so ago. If the folks behind Grippity were sensing a trend moving and decided to wait, well, their gambit definitely paid off. Home theater PCs are now a lot more prevalent than they were and need new and unique solutions to keep them controlled.  Solutions, Grippity hopes, just like the Grippity.

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