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Grace Digital Audio Tuner Wireless Radio and Media Player Device

Grace Digital Audio announces its Tuner Wireless Radio and Media Player Internet radio device. The tuner supports 802.11g WiFi wireless connectivity, and Ethernet LAN. Just plug them into your existing stereo and direct access to 30,000 internet radio stations, podcasts and on-demand Wi-Fi radio content.

The tuner can access Grace Digital family of services, including Reciva, iheartradio, CBS Radio, Pandora, Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio, Live365, MP3tunes, NOAA, and NPR. It can also downstream users’ own collection from your PC or Mac in the same home network. A remote control is included, or users can using Grace Digital Audio Remote Control App for iPhone, iPod or iPod touch.

The Grace Digital Audio Tuner price at $ 219.99

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