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Google TV with quad-core ARM processor by LG

The LG will equip their upcoming TVs with a quad-core ARM processor, to guarantee a certain fluidity in high-definition display and multitasking.

The South Korean LG will formalize very soon a whole new range of TVs using the Google’s Android environment. The same one that was unveiled at the last CES in Las Vegas in January.

This new range of Google TV will be presented at Thursday, May 17 with the particularity of using a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 (operating frequency not specified, but will not exceed the 2 GHz according to the ARM recommendations).

This will ensure a smooth and stable operation for high-definition content, with 3D effect or not – 3D passive with polarized glasses. Movies or video games, in this case. But it will also guarantee a certain response in multitasking, knowing it will be possible to watch TV, surf the Internet and use social networks in parallel. In other words, we expect the first tests that should quickly bloom in the press, to be able to review.

Nothing else is know for now like the the diagonal display and connectivity including the price. Get back here next week, for more information.

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