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Google TV vs HTPC. A Comparison by Home System Integration

Tom over at the Home System Integration website has posted a really interesting article comparing Google TV and HTPCs to try to determine which is the most complete home theatre entertainment platform.

HSI article

Here is how Tom introduces his article:

From all of the articles I’ve written recently singing the praises of Google TV, you’d think I’ve never seen this kind of technology in place before!  If you’ve had the pleasure of reading those articles (hehe), you found that what’s got me so excited about Google TV really boils down to one thing: Innovation

The hype over Google TV reaches from Tunisia to Pakistan, to the United Kingdom to the United States.  Everywhere everyone is talking about the “Google Internet TV” devices.  We wanted to take some time to see if these devices really live up to the hype and how they compare to a full fledged Home Theater PC.

I believe that the majority of readers here most likely have a pretty in-depth understanding of various Home Technologies, but I want ensure I don’t assume that at least some of our readers perhaps aren’t very familiar with the concept of a Home Theater PC (HTPC).  So let’s compare the two technologies side by side, not with the intention of labeling one as “the best”, but rather to give you enough information to find out which one is right for you and your home!

You can read the rest of the article and find out which Tom thinks is the most complete home theatre entertainment platform.

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  1. Tom Abell says:

    Great read! Thanks!

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