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Google TV Apps on Video

Back at Google’s I/O conference we first caught wind of Google TV, it didn’t sound much different then what Windows Media Center, Apple TV, or Boxee had to offer. Google has announced some content parteners and put out a video showing off apps from the likes of Netflix, Twitter, Pandora, TNT, NBC, HBO, and NBA.

Continuing on trend of applications Google TV is much more internet and app-driven than say Windows Media Center. If we compare it to Apple TV, Google TV is a much more open platform, accepting third party apps and content. Boxee is the most similar and currently my favorite solution, they are pretty much on par except for a few small things like live television and the fact that Google is a much bigger company than Boxee and has more pull with mainstream content makers.


Who is going to use something like this when they have Tivo, On Demand and thousands of channels from their cable provider is still up in the air. I find it interesting because I haven’t had cable for years relying solely on the internet for my entrainment. But I am not the run of the mill TV consumer so though I find it interesting no one has yet to get the masses to move away from cable, especially since it usually comes cheap with your internet connection.

Google TV is being manufactured by Logitek using Gigabyte embedded systems and is running Android 2.1. The image gallery, for instance, looks almost exactly like the photo gallery in Android 2.1 and up but overall its been adapted for the big screen.

Here is a video that we found on Google TV’s Blog:

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