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Google provides TV and broadband services in the U.S.

Google is expanding its operation area, at least in the U.S.. After leaving the virtual world and starting to manufacture smartphones, tablets and televisions, the company announced yesterday in Kansas City, the Google Fiber, a broadband and television service in the United States.

The Internet  service (via fiber optic) promises a speed 100 times faster than the major U.S. providers offer and ensures a nominal speed of 1 Gigabyte per second for downloads and uploads.

The Google Fiber also comes with a TV service with local channels and integrated with Netflix and YouTube, allowing to watch live or on demand content. In addition, you can record up to eight concurrent programs and store them in the cloud with Google Drive with up to 1 Terabyte available.

There are three packages available for residential plans. The basic price is $30 for cable installation provides downloads up to 5 MB/s and a few TV channels. The complete plan costs $120 more for the broadband plus TV or $70 just for internet. For thoso who hire the full service, will still receive a Nexus 7, the Google tablet, which also function as TV control.

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