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Google embarks on the music streaming

According to the Financial Times, Google would like to offer a service competing directly with Deezer, Spotify and others.

After the launch of Google Music, the group is in negotiations with record companies to prepare for the launch of its own music streaming service offering then an unlimited database.


Different offers are available, including premium access. However, free access should be available, allowing Google to place ads, which is already 95% of its revenues.

This new service should be available on smartphones or Android tablets, and to compete with Apple and iTunes. Currently, Google Music is a music download service available in some countries and can host up to 20,000 titles.

The release date is still unknown. Google already has experience with Youtube streaming but wants to expand into streaming music. In the first half of 2012, the music streaming services accounted 16% of total revenue for the music industry, or $468 million. With this service, Google could then better understand the users, and build a consistent database.

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