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Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Performance and OC Guide

These years, the Home PC becomes smaller and smaller. Formerly, Micro ATX was the mainstream of small form factor P.
Now, you can see more and more ITX MB in the market and most users use it to build HTPC.
HTPC full name is Home Theater Personal Computer and the advantage is smaller volume.
Also users can have enough performance in multimedia applications. This is the main reason to make HTPC more popular.

Two CPU companies are competing badly in Desktop PC.
Intel owns Atom structure years and most been used in NetBook and AIO PC. It’s hard to find in retail channel.
After then, some MB brands announced H55 or H61/H67 ITX products. They combine Intel CPU having very good performance.
H55/H61/H67 are Intel mid-high end HTPC platform.
AMD platform is hard to see in mainstream ITX segment.
There are still some MB makers produce AMD ITX products, but the price is much higher.
Recently, AMD launched latest Fusion structure to enhance own capability. It can use for HTPC and NoteBook.

This time I would like to introduce AMD latest Fusion, GIGABYTE E350N-USB3.

Read the full guide at

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