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Gigabyte Brix: Even smaller than the Intel NUC!

Gigabyte has just officially introduced the Brix miniPC, which is a direct competitor of Intel NUC while pushing further the principle of miniaturization.


While the Intel solution is 117 x 112 x 39mm, the Gigabyte is 115 x 108 x 29.5mm. So we go from 4cm to 3cm thick for a volume decrease of about 25%. This 400g tiny beast can take place, according to the purchased configurations, a Celeron 1007U, Core i3-3227U, i5-3337U or i7-3537U, a motherboard with 100 x 105mm with a HM70 chipset for Celeron or HM77 for Core ix. Two DDR3 slots are available for a maximum of 16GB, while for storage you will have to install the mSATA SSD of your choice, but also a Mini-PCIe to install, for example, a Wi-Fi card. For connectivity, we have a Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, miniDP and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Not yet announced the launch date, nor pricing, but it will not be long …

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