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Giada MI-Z68: Powerful HTPC Motherboard

The Giada brand, behind which there is a reminder JEHE the Chinese manufacturer, has introduced a motherboard called MI-Z68  intended for mounting a compact gaming computer or a living room computer.

Mini-ITX sized (17 x 17 cm), this motherboard has a socket for the LGA1155 processor, has two slots for DDR3-1333 RAM and a chipset Intel Z68 for simplified overclocking.

It also provides the HDMI and DVI ports to explore  the graphics processor and a PCI-Express x16 to take advantage of some dedicated graphics, while it loads a solution with 7.1 high-definition analog/digital audio outputs and a wired Gigabit Ethernet.

Note finally the presence of four SATA (SATA 2 in two and two SATA 3) for fixed data units (hard drive, SSD, DVD burner, etc..), a mSATA connector (for a hybrid configuration with small SSD for the OS and bigger hard drive for data) and six USB ports (four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0) for external devices (USB drives, printer, mouse, keyboard, etc.)..

Availability is expected by the end of the month, with a price of $120.

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