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GenosTV Cyclops Universal Controller

GenosTV Cyclops Universal Controller

You would probably wonder where the name GenosTV name came from but, little do most of us know that the company is one of the makers of the coolest TV accessories that are widely available in the market today. Their latest offering, is the Cyclops and it’s a round-ish TV remote controller—actually, it’s a universal remote that can do more than just change channels.


With this remote control, you basically have with you an essential TV remote control keys; what’s more is that the device comes with a DVR controller, blu-ray players keys and all sorts of other buttons that are mostly compatible to any media centers of home theater systems that you may have at home. Its design? It comes in a round-ish form and it comes with a small QWERTY keyboard that is intended for faster text entry. As of the moment, the product is making its way fast around the markets in China, that is according to GenosTV.

The Cyclops was originally designed to be the controller of the GenosTV Cable box but, it has somehow morphed into then, the universal remote controller that is being circulated in the market today.

Another feature that the controller is said to come is that it comes with the Bluetooth technology and is capable of connecting phones, allowing them to connect to PCs and other Bluetooth capable devices too.

According to rumors, a game console remote is in the works and that it would somehow make an interesting HTPC controller. Pricing and availability of the said remote controller is still unknown to those that are outside China and to some neighboring Asian countries.

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