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Genius Wireless LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser Now Available

LuxeMate 810 Media Cruiser is an innovative 3-in-One wireless input device product with integration of keyboard, mouse and remote control functions. It’s an ideal device for digital life convenience. With the breakthrough transparent design concept, it’s the next generation of keyboard development as well as a brand new visual experience challenge.
Specially designed for the Microsoft XP media center edition (MCE), it is a total hardware solution for you to control media center features; giving you a handy control for Live TV, Online radio, DVD, Internet exploration, MSN on PCs and all you need is just one key touch for access. Featuring precision dual-way wireless 2.4 GHz technology, you can work from a distance of up to 10 meters and the anti-interference function
ensures you perfect control and convenience.
For complete control of MCE functions, LuxeMate 810 is the device that combines a total solution function and the high quality finish that takes you to the next technology level of digital entertainment.




  • Two way 2.4GHz wireless home entertainment integrator
  • Revolutionary 3-in-one sleek device for keyboard, mouse and remote control
  • Ergonomic design mouse pointer and enlarged scroll wheel for great working comfort
  • Unique rubber-coated design provides anti-grip control and enjoyment
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, compatible with Vista OS hotkey function
  • Provides fully PC remote control function to Live TV, DVD, My Video, My Music, MSN…etc


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