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Genius Releases Wireless Ring Mouse

Taiwan based Genius, a subsidiary of KYE peripherals, has come out with a nifty mouse replacement well suited to mobile computing, presentations and HTPC applications. The ring mouse practically wraps around your finger like a ring, with a 2.4GHz wireless system freeing it of wires up to a distance of 10 metres. The cursor is controlled by an optical trackpad christened “Opto Touch Wheel” and flanked by left and right mouse buttons like a regular mouse. The mouse has a sensitivity of 1000 dpi, so large navigating high resolution screens shouldn’t be a bother. The built-in Li-ion battery can be charged through the USB ports.

Also bundled is ioMedia software for quick setup and enhanced usability. The diminutive size and touchpad based controls should make it ideal as a lighter alternative to wireless keyboard and mice. However, the actual ergonomics can’t b gauged till we have it in our hands. Although local availability is unclear, it’s on sale in the U.S. for $70 (Rs 3,100 approx.) with 3 years warranty cover.




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