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GeminII SF524: Cooler Master Returns to the “Top Flow” Cooler-Type

The first GeminII cooler was born in early 2007, more recently Cooler Master launched the GeminII M4 thought for HTPC users. Here is another version: the GeminII SF524. Unlike the first model that inspired it, it features a single 120mm fan.

Its dimensions are 144x144x105 mm, and weighs 490 grams, which is more than adequate. “Top Flow” format,  the heatsink consists of an imposing block of aluminum fins, accompanied by a total of five heat pipes of 6 mm.

The base is in direct contact with the fins to dissipate the heat faster. It is made of copper and covered with a thin layer of nickel to prevent oxidation.

Note that this model has a recess of 47 mm in height in order to not interfere with the insertion of memory modules. However, it is possible that some kits are not compatible.

It can accommodate a 140 mm fan, but it is a 120-mm that is present. It is powered by a three-pin socket, setting the speed to 1300 rpm (12V). However, Cooler Master offers an cable adapter to control its speed to 900 rpm. Thebrand announces air flow of 36.4 cfm at 900 rpm and 52.6 cfm at 1300 rpm. The static pressure is 0.55 and 1.14 mmH2O at 900 and 1300rpm, respectively. The noise is 22.5 dB (A) 12 V.

This model is compatible with a vast majority of current motherboards. It can be installed on LGA 775, 1155, 1156 and 1366 sockets from Intel. We also regret the lack of compatibility with the new LGA 2011 and Sandy Bridge-E. AMD’s side, there are AM2 (+), AM3 (+) and FM1 sockets.

Cooler Master announces a price of $50 and will be available early next year.

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