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Galaxy’s GT 520 vs. HD 6450 (GDDR5 vs. GDDR3)

We are nearing the end of our AMD Graphics’ HD 6000 series versus Nvidia’s 500 series evaluations as we now compare their entry level video cards.  One might believe that these are the least interesting cards yet they can tell us much about the architecture of their respective series.   We are going to evaluate the Galaxy GT 520 and compare it to the HD 6450 – the commonly available 1GB-DDR3 version as represented by the HIS HD 6450 and the much harder-to-find 512MB-GDDR5 version.  We will also explore the reasoning behind using super-fast vRAM on an entry-level card versus the far cheaper DDR3.

THEcompetition3cards2 652x1024 The battle of the HTPC cards, Galaxys GT 520 vs. HD 6450 (GDDR5 vs. GDDR3)

These video cards are budget gaming solutions as the HIS HD 6450 and the Galaxy GT 520 each etails for $52 and $60 respectively on and the GDDR5 version of the HD 6450 is expected to sell for about $55 in the USA although the Sapphire version has been very hard to find in stock over here.  The cheapest GT 520 on Newegg is the ECS version for $47 after $10 mail-in-rebate.

We want to put together a complete picture for you as Nvidia’s GT 430 sells for about the same sixty dollars as these new cards, and the GTS 450, HD 6570 and HD 6670 each sells for around $80 to $100 for the stock and overclocked versions; less on sale or with rebate.   We are here to help you to determine what these new video cards bring as we continue to focus on gaming performance.  And most importantly we will let you know if you should even bother to use them for PC gaming at all or just buy them for home theater PC (HTPC) as they are advertised as silent or nearly silent.

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