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Fun: How to mount an Ikea TV

Just announced, the Ikea TV, Uppleva, is parodied by the American talk shows, including Conan O’Brien’s.

The comedian Conan O’Brien did not miss to react to react to the arrival of Ikea TV, which was announced last week. He has imagined what would this TV be if it were necessary the self-assembly, like all other furniture of the brand.

The Uppleva TV is sold by Ikea as a TV stand incorporating everything needed around the screen: a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, a 2.1 audio kit, etc.. Although this piece is unlikely to be sold as a kit in the store shelves, Conan O’Brien still parodied this new Swedish concept by imagining the result if buyers have to mount the TV themselves.

Remember that this TV will be releasedin European cities in June this year and in 2013 in the remaining markets, and will be sold for about $960.

Ikea Uppleva by Conan O’Brien

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