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FSP Aurum Xilenser: fanless and modular power supply

Two months after the presentation of Pro Aurum and Xilenser PSUs at CeBIT, FSP has just officially announced them. The Pro Aurum models stand out by offering high power, and a comprehensive modular cabling. The Aurum Xilenser alternative model, its main advantage is to be fanless. We will focus on the Aurum Xilenser, because it can fit perfectly an HTPC configuration.

The Xilenser Aurum range, has two models available, a 400W and a 500W. The chassis measures only 160 x 150 x 86 mm, and it also has a flat black paint. Of course, it is certified 80Plus Gold.

Unlike the first Aurum range, it offers power supplies for modular cabling. In addition, the cables are completely flat, which should facilitate storage.

Below is its composition:

  • 1 x (20 +4 pin)
  • 1 x (4 +4 pin P4)
  • 1 x (4 pin P4)
  • 4 x PCIe 6 +2 pin
  • 5 x SATA
  • 4 x Molex
  • 1 x Floppy

This model is equipped with two rails of multiple +12V outputs, whose intensity is 22A. The builder did not skimp on protection systems, in fact, there is OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, UVP and the SCP. Know that the manufacturer has used Japanese capacitors, certified for 105 °C.

The Aurum Xilenser 400 and 500 will be available later this month. They also benefits from a 5 year warranty. Again, it will be advisable to observe the many tests that are available, since the price is will be higher than the Seasonic X-560 which offers very similar specifications.


Our colleagues from TechPowerUp! have tested the fanless, modular and certified 80Plus Gold power supply, the FSP Aurum Xilenser 500W.

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