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Fly Mouse is a Wii-mote Control Keyboard for Your HTPC

The Fly Mouse may be the funniest HTPC controller we’ve ever seen. Despite the Chuck-E-Cheese looking logo, this light blue wireless keyboard looks like a toy ‘My first keyboard’. Don’t let the toy looks fool you though, it’s got it where it counts. It’s a full 75 key keyboard complete with F-keys which double as shifted media keys. The Fly Mouse connects by USB 2.0 dongle to the computer with 2.4 GHz RF radio which allows for low power usage and long range, up to 30 feet.

The keyboard contains an accelerometer based motion tracking system that allows you to wave the stick in the air to control your cursor. The Fly Mouse is similar in feel to the Wii-mote, but without having to deal with the obnoxious sensor bar. In the comfortable center of the remote are 2 handy mouse buttons, right where your fingers expect them to be. The remote comes in at least 2 colors, white and blue and should retail for around $50. Your friendly neighborhood gray market, online e-tailers should have this on their shelves in the coming months if you are so inclined.

Source: OhGizmo

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  1. Serge says:

    Just waist your money. As mouse it is working till moment it fall down to something hard. After that mouse pointer started to move to one side of screen by himself. Something wrong with calibration. Keyboard – awful. Ctl-Alt-Del – not working, also some common keys combinations. I spend about 50 euro for it and now it just lies in box without any using.

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