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fit-PC Slim XP

fit-PC Slim XP

Price: $239.00


fit-PC Slim is the smallest, most power-efficient PC available.

There are other computers that are as small – but they are not PC’s – you cannot run PC software on them.

Then there are other small-form-factor PC’s, but compared to the fit-PC Slim those other PC’s are bulky, noisy and power-hungry.


Key advantages of fit-PC Slim:

* Extremely low power consumption

* Tiny size and no noise

* Complete set of features and PC compatibility

* Robustness and zero maintenance


fit-PC Slim XP is ideal for:

* Web browsing, e-mail and instant messaging

* Voice over IP

* MS Office

* As a living room PC

* Digital music and photo storage and playback



CPU: AMD Geode LX800 500MHz

Chipset: AMD CS5536

Display: Integrated Geode LX display controller up to 1920×1440

Memory: 512MB DDR 333MHz soldered on-board

Hard disk: Upgradeable 60GB IDE 2.5″


RJ45 Ethernet port 100Mbps

WiFi b/g 54Mbps

3 x USB 2.0 HiSpeed 480Mbps

mini RS-232 (Rx,Tx)


Stereo line-out audio (headphones)

Stereo line-in audio / Mic

Mechanical and environmental:

Splash and dust resistant enclosure

Material: Anodized aluminum body with PC/ABS panels

Size: 4″ x 4.3″ x 1.2″ (100×110x30mm)

Weight: 0.9 lb (380g)

Operating temperature: 0 – 45C (may be limited by choice of hard disk)

Power: 12V single supply

Power consumption: 4-6W



  • The smallest, most power efficient PC available
  • Ready to use with pre-installed Windows XP Home SP3
  • Costs under 10 cents per day in electricity
  • Ideal for web browsing, email and IM, VOIP, Office applications, as a living room PC

User Reviews

Compact – about the size of a stack of CD cases; it’s hard to believe there’s a complete PC in there.
Cheap – competitively priced with Acer AspireRevo and other compact PCs
Quiet – no fan or drive noise
Low power – can easily run on battery power
Light weight – good for discreet mounting
Durable – has withstood shipping and some small drops

Windows XP Home – if you’re used to XP Pro or Vista/7, this could be a rude surprise
Heat – with regular use, the box can get quite warm — This is a great little computer





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