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First TVs with voice control in 2012. The end of remote controls?

We had told several times about the famous Apple TV, which could also include something like the iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant, information that remains in the state to be confirmed. However, it seems that lately, TV manufacturers seem to be more interested in speech recognition systems.

After the Apple iTV, and the rumor of a possible integration of Kinect in a TV, it seems that many manufacturers are particularly interested in speech recognition technology from Nuance Communications. Maybe the name of the company tells you something, it’s normal since it became known through his Dragon voice recognition tool. And that’s the tool that would interest to many TV manufacturers, it will provide severalĀ TV models with the voice control in 2012. Vlingo, a voice recognition system on smartphones, should also announce a specific application intended for TVs at CES 2012.

The desireĀ of replacing the remote control begins to be more and more urgent on the part of manufacturers, but it will take a few years since the TV with integrated voice recognition system should represent only 5% by 2013.

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