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First 3D TV USB Tuner from AVerMedia

Excited about 3D but not ready to take the plunge due to lack of content, channels or standards? AVerMedia has stepped up to fill the void with their latest AVerTV 3D USB TV Tuner. This 3DTV tuner picks up DVB-T broadcast signals and lets you play them on your PC. (DVB is a digital TV system that is available in Europe and parts of Asia whereas North American countries have adopted ATSC.) The AVer MediaCenter software that is included with the flash drive sized tuner has a built in program guide to sift through all the available stations and programming. The full featured software mates nicely with a full sized IR multimedia remote control.

Shows can be captured and converted into mobile friendly format for iPod or iPad and others realtime, no need for a conversion step. The MediaCenter program is also responsible for the 3D features of this tiny tuner. It is capable of producing all of the three current types of 3D for video output or recording. The software can also interpret 2D video and make a best guess 3D version of it. Initial impressions of this Up-Dimensioning technique have been very positive. 3D fans might find this a great segue device until more content comes along in true 3D.


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