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Facebook Wants Hulu and Netflix In Its Interface

The idea has a long time, and aims to integrate everything in the social networks to let us be inside them the whole day. And they are doing it, but there are still more friends.

Enough to know that Facebook is working to integrate within its interface third-party video services as like the ones promoted by Netflix or Hulu. Something that could be realized already this week in the form of official announcement and if confirmed Facebook becomes the most important worldwide digital distribution service.

Why this week? Because this Thursday celebrates the F8 Conference and an event of this kind without a powerful announcement is always boring. It is also true that from the media we tend to expect major developments in these presentations, and is not always the case.

The source of the rumor, who joins together this services and have to do with the music social network, is the New York Post. We now need to know how to fit Facebook with two pay-perview systems as Hulu and Netflix.

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