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Extreme HTPC Build – Emulation and XBMC

This was the first PC I built, and it is designed to be a HTPC that is also for gaming and system emulation. It is definitely a more expensive build than most PCs but it is the most capable one that I can imagine.

This is the breakdown of the components that I used in this build:

  • Processor – Intel Core i5 3570K – 3.4 GHz overclocked to 4.2 GHz
  • Processor Cooler – Noctua NH-C14 (there is clearance for this to work in the case, although it is close)
  • Video Card – Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 660 TI Overclocked
  • Case – Silverstone LC17B
  • Hard Drive – Seagate 2TB
  • Optical Drive – Asus BluRay Reader / DVD writer
  • RAM – Corsair Vengeance – 8GB Low Profile (Didn’t mention this in the video but low profile RAM is probably a good idea, because you are trying to fit a lot in to a small case)
  • Motherboard – ASUS P8Z77-M

I give all credit for this config to SN3S over at because I loved the work he did on configuring and building his HTPC rig.

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