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Extended Warranty for Gigabyte Motherboards

Gigabyte has announced the warranty extension on more than 130 motherboards in its portfolio. To take advantage of that certain conditions are needed.

The most Gigabyte’s motherboards, count on a maximum warranty of three years. To give a boost to its sales and reassure consumers, the company decided to make an extended warranty on its products.

This extended warranty to four years is not automatic. Tt concerns no less than 131 motherboard manufacturer’s (list of models below cons), this offer applies only to those who purchased from September 1, 2011¬†until 31 December this year.

In addition, it is necessary to register the¬†product on Gigabyte’s website to benefit from this additional year of warranty.

Recall that the high-end motherboards from Gigabyte are not affected by this operation, since they already enjoy a five-year warranty.

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