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EVGA GeForce GT 520 VSTV: a graphics card with a DVB-T tuner

A new graphics card that combines both a GPU and a DVB-T tuner is available from EVGA: the GeForce GT 520 VSTV. Note this one is not unlike what is proposed with the Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 XtendTV launched in February of last year.

The EVGA card uses exactly the same specifications as the 01G-P3-1521-KR (a GeForce GT 520 standard) of the manufacturer. It therefore has a GPU clocked at 810 MHz which is backed by 1024MB of DDR3 running at 700 MHz.

It operates a PCIe 2.0 x16 interface, but unlike her sister, it is not “low profile”. Indeed, the highest PCB is to integrate the DVB-T. Of course, it occupies only one slot, while a second bracket comes in the bundle: it adds an additional video output (VGA) if needed. The connectivity of the card is relatively complete, as there are three video outputs: VGA, DVI and HDMI.

Obviously, an antenna input is also present in order to exploit the  DVB-T tuner. The cooling system consists of a heatsink and a small fan… which is too bad for a card targeting HTPC configurations, the passive would have been nice.

Currently, the GeForce GT 520 VSTV is not registered on the site of the manufacturer, but it is already available for sale for about $90, $40 more than the GeForce GT 520 EVGA.

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