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Evercool presents Low Profile CPU Cooler, Ideal for HTPC Duty

If you ever planned on building a HTPC system then you surely know how hard is to find the right cooler for the job since most models available out there are far to large to be installed in such a system while low-profile offerings are really scarce, so Evercool’s HPL-815 is definitely a worthy contender thanks to its compact size and massive cooling potential.

Using a pretty much standard design that makes use of what I assume to be a copper base that is connected to an array of aluminum fins via four 6mm heatpipes, the HPL-815 can dissipate up to 130W of heat, making this suited for use even with top of the line six-core processors, Intel’s current flagship CPU, the Core i7 980X coming with a 130W rating, that being the case with AMD’s 1090T processor as well.

Together with the cooler, Evercool bundles a 8cm with PWM function to automatically control and adjust its speed, a really useful feature considering this fan can rev up to an impressive 4000RPM.

Although Evercool states that even at that high RPM the fan is “still noiseless” and “provides a silent cooling solution,” I am not that sure this will actually be the case in a real world scenario.

Speaking of AMD and Intel, the cooler comes with a universal clip that makes it compatible with sockets used by both companies, the list including LGA 1156/ 1366/ 775 and AMD AM3/ AM2+/ AM2/K8/ 940/ 969/ 754.

But the best part about the HPL-815 is its size, since its hight measures only 46mm making it ideal to be installed in low-profile computer cases that are commonly used for building HTPC systems.

Unfortunately, details regarding pricing haven’t been disclosed yet, but Evercool’s solutions are usually pretty affordable so I am sure this will go the same route too.

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