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eRemote: Control your HTPC from an Android Mobile

eRemote allows the user to remote control various media centre applications.

eRemote allows you to control multiple computers within the networks your device is connected to. eRemote has built in profiling so you can create a separate profile for each computer you wish to control by eRemote. All you have to do is connect your device to your Wi-Fi network and eRemote will automatically detect the computers with the eRemote Server installed.

eRemote requires you to download and install a very small application onto the pc you wish to control with eRemote. You can download this from this website:


–          Play/Pause/Stop Media

–          Next/Previous Track or Chapter

–          Fast-forward/Rewind Media

–          Four way navigation

–          Mute Volume

–          Turn Volume Up and Down

–          Change TV Channels

–          Media Shortcuts

–          Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate or Sleep the computer

–          Automatically Discover Computers

–          Hardware Volume Controls

–          Pause Media When Phone Rings

Coming Soon To eRemote

–          Selectable Theme Colour

–          Home Screen Widget

–          Wake-On-Lan

NOTE: eRemote does not yet support tablet devices

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