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Epson NP15: New Nettop

Most people may not be aware of it, but Epson is more than just a well-known  vendor of inkjet printers. In fact, the Japanese company also has its own line  of notebooks and PCs that are available for sale only in the Japanese domestic  market, and its desktop PC offering has just received a new addition to the  family today. How does an ultra-compact NP15 nettop PC sound like for you?

Epson Press Release

This may come across as a surprise to many, but printers are not the only  offerings Epson has for both its consumer and enterprise-level customers. In  fact, the company which is now synonymous with its range of printing devices  also sells its own line of notebook and desktop PCs, and the only reason their  non-printer product lineup is known to none but a few is that these PCs are  meant to be sold in only one market; Japan.

However, if you thought that catering to a (relatively) small domestic market  such as Japan’s means that a well known OEM like Epson could afford to take  things easy with its existing desktop and notebook PC product lines, you could  not have been further from the truth. Indeed, it appears as though Epson has got  no intention of letting its notebook and desktop PC product lines stagnate, and  the launch of its new Endeavor NP15 ultra-compact nettop PC is probably the best  proof of that.

Of course, the fact that the Endeavor NP15 is being marketed as a nettop PC  essentially means that the machine is definitely not going to have the kind of  power one needs for serious data crunching or digital multimedia entertainment.  Indeed, a quick look at the NP15’s hardware specifications reveal some rather  standard fare: processor power is provided by the dual-core Intel Atom  D525 processor, while a 250GB hard disk serves as the  MP15’s main storage medium. To top off the package, the NP15 also comes bundled  with 2GB of memory and six USB2.0 ports,  while the onboard Intel GPU provides little more than the bare minium  graphical processing power needed to drive Windows Aero on the bundled Windows 7  Home Premium operating system, along with some basic multimedia content.

However, we should also point out that raw power has never been a key selling  point for low-power devices such as netbooks and nettop PCs, and the Endeavor  NP15 is no exception. In fact, the NP15’s appeal stems from the fact that Epson  has managed to cram every single component needed for a working PC into a highly compact casing that measures a mere two centimeters in  width. To put things in perspective, Epson is claiming that the NP15  sports dimensions similar to that of an A5-sized filofax, and that a user could  easily conceal the device by simply mounting it behind a monitor.

Sounds amazing, does it not? Unfortunately, Epson’s PC offerings are only  available for sale within its domestic market, so it goes without saying that  the NP15 is one PC which most of us will never be able to see in our local  computer stores. That being said, if you happen to have a very good Japanese  friend who is willing to help you ship out one of these Japan-only products, do  make sure to have at least 29,820  yen (approx US$361) available in your  bank account, as that is the price that the NP15 is retailing for.


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